Saturday, June 7, 2008

Arduino Contest 2008

The company that is currently distributing Arduino in Spain, Libelium, organized 2 months ago an Arduino Contest. And I force myself to compete with something. I decided to improve my first MrPotato Robot adding voice, led eyes a thermometer, and of course using the new MrPotato Maximus Prime. It took a great effort, I finished the hardware stage, but I couldn't end the software one. Anyway, I sent it to the contest, competing in the Art Hack section.
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4 Windows must-have Tools

Developing SysAdmin task on Windows Operating System seems to be a kind of hard, not anymore if you are properly equiped. Here I recommend a set of cool tools to make your Windows usage&control experience easy peasy.

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CmdHere. Console directory navigaton... Forget it

Some coworker told me that there was a way to navigate your filesystem using the windows explorer and opening a windows console from there. And today I found some time to search the solucion. CmdHere.

If you are using Windows Vista, the CmdHere is a builting feature. The only thing you need to do from your windows explorer is to Shift+Right Click at the directory and choose from the context menu option open command prompt here. For more details, MaximumPcguides
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