Saturday, December 29, 2007

Norma43 bank format parser


In Spain, all banks has an unified file format to supply statements of account, this format is known as Norma43. The first version of the format was released May 1982 and it's quite simple to parse. Almost all bank's web supplies Norma43 files with your account info. If you want to process this info, inserted in a database or whatever software treatment, this file can be very helpful. I've implemented a python class that parses this file format and fill in an array with all the registers in the file and its field values.


  1. Hola. Ando volviéndome loco intentando encontrar un convertidor de archivos Norma43 a Excel, OpenOffice o similar, pero no hay nada libre.

    ¿Sabes si alguien ha utilizado tu archivo para crear alguna utilidad similar?


  2. A ver si saco un rato y te hago un script en python que convierta Norma43 a un CSV para que lo puedas cargar con el Excel u OpenOffice.