Saturday, December 29, 2007

SSH editing & WinSCP

  1. Do you want to edit files on your remote linux server from your windows desktop using your favorite editor (Crimson Editor may be)?
  2. Have your linux server already an SSH server properly configured?
  3. Is your linux configuration mana low?(WOW addicts will understand this question)
  4. If you have answered YES to all the former questions, this blog entry may be helpful for you.
After several internet searches I found that the free software, WinSCP, the one that I use to copy files from/to linux, currently support this feature for any editor and also works great with Crimson editor, enabling remote editing almost transparently. When you edit a remote file, it opens one temporary file in your local machine and monitors the file status, updating the remote file when any change is detected.

Steps to configure WinScp for remote editing
1) Access prefrerences dialog

2) Click on Editors section

3) Add your editor to the list, and update the filter if you want. I added the cedit.exe (Crimsom Editor executable) and I kept the filter as generic *.* then I moved the cedit list entry up to the top of the list to set it as default editor for all files

4) To edit your files just right-click the file on the winscp remote explorer and your editor will be invoked. Whenever you save your file, winscp will upload the file to the remote sever

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