Monday, July 30, 2007

My first Arduino Shield

I'm starting to think that I'm a bit obsessed with Arduino. Anyway, after several nights testing and reading about Arduino I found an interesting link to a Breadboard Shield Design. Just to keep in context I will say that Arduino solution, has also a nice way to be upgraded using shields, or I will say layers. The Arduino board is been designed to be able to connect boards on top of it where you can place your favorite components such us motor drivers, temperature sensors, etc...
The problem
Testing Arduino's board usually implies a breadboard to setup up the sensors/actuators and connect them to the board. Having this two pieces apart sometimes cause accidents and makes moving your tests out of your laboratory difficult.

The solution
Following the tutorial of the Breadboard Shield Design you will find that making your on breadboard shield is easy and you will experience how useful it is in your next tests circuits.

The improvement
The only thing it lacks is that it doesn't forwards the reset button to the shield, so you will need a pen or something to hit the reset button on the Arduino board each time you want to program it. I found the two pins I need to forward from the Arduino board to the shield to be able to set another reset button on it, so I will bear this in mind for my next shield.

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